GenerationS Book - Heart of God Church HOGC Volume 1

and ‘Inside Stories’

These 1,000+ word contributions from 13 other contributing writers provide an ‘inside look’ and 360° view of Heart of God Church Singapore.

Excerpts of contributions

Lisa Bevere

New York Times best-selling author of Without Rival

Co-Founder, Messenger International

Then Pastor Lia shared this insight that put it all into perspective. “The next generation are not our replacements, they’re our reinforcements.” This changed everything...

Rinnah Tan

16, Leader of 130 youths, Social Media Trainer, How & Lia’s daughter

People have said that my dad and mum are great disciplers. I think I deserve at least half the credit because they’ve been practising on me at home. One of the reasons why I am a leader is because HOGC empowers youths. I held responsibilities at 11. Not just me, but a whole generation of youths like me.

Dr Robi Sonderegger

Renowned clinical psychologist, church consultant, international conference speaker

As a people-systems consultant, I don’t write as someone who has been impressed by what I’ve witnessed, but rather, someone who has been ‘in-pressed’ by what I’ve experienced.

Pastor Charleston

Executive leadership team, HOGC

One of my most impactful discipleship moments happened during Pastor Lia’s cancer. In fact, it happened right in the middle of her chemotherapy treatment! Who would have thought that even chemo could be used for discipleship?

Matt Redman

Two-time Grammy Award winner

Singer-songwriter and worship leader

In some examples of youth ministry, the approach to reaching young people ends up becoming something of a ‘spectator sport’. Heart of God takes a completely opposite approach...

Bishop Dale Bronner

Founder/Senior Pastor/Author

Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

For more than a decade, I have observed HOGC and it has proven that people rise or fall to meet your level of expectations for them. Pastor How and Pastor Lia have refused to lower their standards for their youth…

And inside stories:

A Westerner’s perspective on an Asian church

Christian Honegger, Director of Global Relations

What older people Yellow Circle do in a youth church

Jacob Tan, Board Member in his 60s

What goes on inside the Senior Pastors’ Office Arrow Down

Regine Tan, Chief of Staff

What co-senior Yellow Sparkle pastoring looks like

Valerie Fifi, Head of Global Partnerships

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Take an exclusive peek at John Bevere's contribution, “The Youth Are the Church of Today”.


John Bevere

Best-selling author of The Bait of Satan, Co-Founder, Messenger International

...This shows the window of opportunity we have from the ages of thirteen to twenty-one is pivotal for the development of leadership…

What other pastors and leaders say about

Humble beginnings of building

founders and authors

How and Lia

Founders and Authors

We sincerely believed that we were a divine experiment, heaven’s pilot project and earth’s guinea pigs. It took a lot of stupidity and insanity to believe that we could build a youth church, especially without financial backing or a branded movement’s endorsement. If there were a vote on the potential of new church plants, we would probably be voted most likely to crash and burn.

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