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has been the key to growing churches younger and stronger since 1999

After 20 years, the average age in Heart of God Church is still a grand old... 22!
weekend services

Heart of God Church (HOGC) was founded by Senior Pastors How & Lia, who in their mid-20s dreamt of building a church operated by youths, for youths, to reach youths. Today, that dream has become reality!

Weekend Service at Heart of God Church

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Founders How & Lia share...

The Story of the Kids Who Built a World-Class Church

A mindset-shifting, heart-changing book that shows you how to raise up GenerationS of young people in your church to build His kingdom.

yellow quotes This is what a Strong GenerationS Church looks like.
There is a pipeline of leaders and church builders.
There is a cycle of reaching out, recruiting, refining, and releasing – then hit repeat.

From Chapter 2: The Kids Who Built a World-Class Church

All royalties and proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards advancing the cause of GenerationS in HOGC and globally.

Learn how you can equip your church, organisation or conference with GenerationS.

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Also inside the book...

Contributors & ‘Inside Stories’

1,000+ word contributions from 13 other contributing writers that provide an 'inside look' and 360° view of HOGC

Hear from

dotglobal Christian leaders,

dothomegrown pastors,

dotthe authors' daughter

dotand more!

Lisa Bevere

New York Times
best-selling author of
Without Rival
Co-Founder of
Messenger International

Rinnah Tan

16, Leader of 130 youths, Social Media Trainer,
How & Lia’s daughter

Bishop Dale Bronner

Founder/Senior Pastor/Author
Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Pastor Charleston

Executive leadership
team, HOGC

Matt Redman

Two-time Grammy Award winner,
singer-songwriter and worship leader

Dr Robi Sonderegger

Renowned clinical psychologist,
church consultant, international conference speaker

John Bevere

Best-selling author of
The Bait of Satan
Co-Founder of
Messenger International

More inside stories!

  • A Westerner's Perspective on an Asian Church
  • What older people do in a youth church
  • What goes on inside the Senior Pastors' Office
  • What co-senior pastoring looks like

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