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Volume 1: How to Grow
Your Church YOUNGER

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The Story of the Kids Who
Built a World-Class Church

Dive into the principles and
stories from over 20 years
of building GenerationS in
Heart of God Church (HOGC) Singapore.

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... and many more!

All royalties and proceeds will go towards
advancing the cause of GenerationS.

Also inside the book...

Contributors & ‘Inside Stories’

1,000+ word contributions from 13 other contributing writers that provide an 'inside look' and 360° view of HOGC

Hear from

dotglobal Christian leaders,

dothomegrown pastors,

dotthe authors' daughter

dotand more!

More inside stories!

  • A Westerner's perspective on an Asian church
  • What older people do in a youth church
  • What goes on inside the Senior Pastors' Office
  • What co-senior pastoring looks like

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Not for profit!

All royalties and proceeds
from the sale of this book will
go towards advancing the
cause of GenerationS in
HOGC and globally.

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No ordinary book. Look forward to…

Digital Companion

Digital Companion

Access over 100 bonus
content and interactive

in action at HOGC since 1999

After 20 years, the average
age in Heart of God Church
is still a grand old... 22!

weekend services

Heart of God Church (HOGC) Singapore was founded by Senior Pastors How & Lia, who in their mid-20s dreamt of building a church operated by youths, for youths, to reach youths. Today, that dream has become reality!

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Weekend Service at Heart of God Church

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